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    "Enter Heilongjiang” : folk culture of Heilongjiang region

    //  Author:  Editor:Yang Fan  2019-09-29 16:03:00

    Heilongjiang is the province which lies in the northeast of China. The four poles of China are Fuyuan in the east, Kashgar in the west, Sanya in the south and Mohe in the north. The two poles in the east and in the north are all in Heilongjiang. Heilongjiang is the highest latitude border province in China. In ancient times, it was called “Heishui” and from Liao, it is called Heilongjiang. During the Qing Dynasty, Heilongjiang was divided as an administration.

    The terrain of Heilongjiang Province is generally high in the northwest, north and southeast while it is low in the northeast and southwest. It is made up of mountainous regions, sloping fields, plains and water. The northwest is NE - SW direction Daxing'anling Mountain; the north is NW-SE direction Xiaoxing’anling mountains; the northeast is NE-SW Zhangguangcailing, Laoyeling and Mt. Wandashan with 24.7% of the total area of the whole province. Hilly country over 300 meters above the altitude accounts for 35.8% of the total area of the whole province. Sanjiang Plain in the northeast and Songnen Plain in the west are a part of the biggest northeastern plain in China. The area of the plain accounts for 37% of the total area of the whole province. Its altitude is 50-200 meters and belongs to temperate to cold temperate continental monsoon climate. It is the province with the lowest temperature in China.

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